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During the establishment of Water Boards by the Department of Water Affairs, " Bloem Area Water" was established in 1991 to operate the Caledon/ Bloemfontein Government Water Scheme, constructed to supply water to the Municipal areas of Bloemfontein, Bainsvlei, Bloemspruit, Botshabelo and Dewetsdorp. The name was officially changed to Bloemwater. The organisation is overseeen by the Accounting Authority, which is the Board in this case, reporting directly to Executive Authority, the Minister of Water and Sanitation.


The Southern Free State, specifically towns such as Bethulie and Phillippolis were added to the services of Bloemwater in 1995. Thaba 'Nchu district is a former homeland with 42 rural villages, it is located 65KM's east of Bloemfontein, was also included to extend the service areas of the Organization. Excelsior, located in the Eastern Free State, is the last area to be added for the services. Today Bloemwater has grown to supply a population in excess of 1.2 million people, whereby services are rendered to the following Water Service Authorities (Municipalities):


  • Mangaung Metro Municipality
  • Mantsopa Local Municipality
  • Naledi Local Municipality, and
  • Kopanong Local Municipality


05 AUG 2018

Welbedacht Dam
Knelpoort Dam
Rustfontein Dam
Gariep Dam

Regions & Contact Details

Caledon Region

Welbedacht Dam





Tel: (051) 583 1919

Fax: (051) 442 5333

Modder Region

Rustfontein Dam





Tel: (051) 442 7000

Fax: (051) 442 7003

Orange Region

2 Park Avenue





Tel: (051) 763 0486

Fax: (051) 763 0595

Head Office

Free State





Tel: (051) 403 0800

Fax: (051) 442 5333

Our Vision

Assuring sustainable provision of quality water services, for life!

Our Values

Bloemwater commits itself to the following values that guide and direct all interactions with internal external stakeholders:


  • Corporate /
  • Social Responsibility.
  • Governance.
  • Equality.
  • Responsiveness.

Our Mission

To create a leading, value-driven, effective and responsive institution using adaptive best practice methods in anticipating tomorrow's challenges today.

Our Strategy

  • Develop, operate and maintain infrastructure to ensure sustainable water service delivery.
  • Manage financial affairs to meet current and future obligations.
  • Securing the supply and quality of raw water resources.
  • Achieving an aligned and efficient institution through optimization of all business proceses and systems.
  • Engage in strategic partnerships with all relevant stakeholders.


For the 2015/16 financial year, Bloem Water adopted the following strategies


1. Expand and grow the business in line with Regional Water Utility approach implemented in the sector via DWS Institutional Reform and Realignment Project by expanding to areas not serviced within the Region


2. A sound long-term and financing strategy will be developed, mindful of the growth strategy, which will incorporate aggressive pursuit and channelling of grant and other national funding for water infrastructure.


3. Strategic asset management strategy and infrastructure plan will be developed and implemented to improve decisions on asset investment, maintenance, disposal and replacement


4. Implement a marketing plan that is fully integrated with communication plan to create brand awareness, coordinate communication efforts and create competitive advantage.


5. Optimise skills and expertise to create an institution capable of attracting and retaining skilled people, with training and development programs based on skills gaps.


6. Stakeholder engagement is central to the organisation’s effectiveness. Bloem Water will improve stakeholder management and partnerships with all stakeholders within the value chain through benchmarking, knowledge-sharing and skills transfer with its stakeholders.

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