Assuring sustainable provision of water services, for life.




To create a leading, value-driven, effective and responsive Institution using adaptive best practice methods in anticipating tomorrow’s challenges today.




Bloem Water commits itself to the following values that guide and direct all interactions with internal and external stakeholders:

• Corporate Social Responsibility

• Governance

• Equality

• Responsiveness


Strategic Goals and Objectives


• Develop, operate and maintain infrastructure to ensure sustainable water service delivery.

• Manage financial affairs to meet current and future obligations.

• Securing the supply and quality of raw water resources.

• Achieving an aligned and efficient institution through optimization of all business processes and systems.

• Engaging in strategic partnerships with all relevant stakeholders.


Bloem Water Strategies


For the 2017/18 financial year, Bloem Water continued adopting the following strategies

1. Expand and grow the business in line with the Regional Water Utility approach implemented in the sector via DWS Institutional Reform and Realignment Project by expanding to areas not previously serviced within the Region.

2. Develop a sound long-term financing strategy, mindful of the growth strategy, which will incorporate aggressive pursuit and channelling of grant and other national funding for water infrastructure.

3. Develop and implement a strategic asset management strategy and infrastructure plan to improve decisions on asset investment, maintenance, disposal and replacement.

4. Implement a marketing plan that is fully integrated with a communication plan to create brand awareness, coordinate communication efforts and create competitive advantage.

5. Optimise skills and expertise to create an institution capable of attracting and retaining skilled people, with training and development programs based on skills gaps.

6. Stakeholder engagement is central to the organisation’s effectiveness. Improve stakeholder management and partnerships with all stakeholders within the value chain through benchmarking; knowledge sharing, and skills transfer with its stakeholders.




Whilst Section 29 of the Water Act stipulates the primary activities of Water Boards to provide bulk water services to other water services institutions in its jurisdiction, Section 30 of the Act, makes provision for Bloem Water to perform other activities (secondary), provided these activities do not negatively impact the entity's ability to perform its primary activiteis.


These secondary activities are aimed to promote cooperation in the provision of water services to end-users who do not use water for household purposes, providing catchment management services as well as providing water servies in joint ventures with water services authorities and water conservation funtctions.

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